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Bariatric Surgery: Why Mexico Might be Your Best Choice

September 4, 2023

Bariatric Surgery: Why Mexico Might be Your Best Choice

Bariatric Surgery, also commonly referred to as weight loss surgery, is an elective procedure designed to help individuals with obesity lose weight. The popularity of this surgery has surged in recent years, and so has the global demand. But with the rising costs of medical care in the USA, many patients are seeking alternative destinations. Enter Mexico—a burgeoning hub for medical tourism, and especially for bariatric procedures. Let’s delve into why Mexico may, in fact, be a better option for bariatric surgery than the USA.




Cost-effective without compromising quality

Undoubtedly, the most significant advantage of undergoing bariatric surgery in Mexico is the cost. Dr. Luis Pasten who performs surgeries at the largest and most luxurious private weight loss surgical center in Tijuana, Mexico (Overweight Reduction Center) you can receive top-quality care at affordable prices starting from $3,995.

Surgeries in Mexico can cost a fraction of what they would in the US. For many, these savings can translate to tens of thousands of dollars, making the procedure more accessible for a broader audience.

Importantly, a lower price does not necessarily mean lower quality. Many Mexican hospitals catering to international patients adhere to the same, if not stricter, standards as their American counterparts. They are accredited by international organizations, and many of their surgeons are trained or have practiced in the US.




Cutting-Edge Facilities

Mexico’s medical tourism industry understands the expectations of international patients. As such, several hospitals are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and use the latest technologies available in the bariatric field. These hospitals are designed to offer the same, if not better, patient experience than what one might find back home.




Experienced Surgeons

Many bariatric surgeons in Mexico have either been trained in the US or have had extensive collaboration with American doctors. With the high number of surgeries performed, especially in medical tourism hotspots like Tijuana or Cancun, these surgeons have amassed a wealth of experience. It’s not uncommon for surgeons in these hubs to have performed thousands of bariatric procedures, making them some of the most experienced in the world.


Holistic Care and Post-operative Support

Bariatric surgery in Mexico often comes with a comprehensive care package. This includes nutritionist consultations, psychological support, and post-operative care—ensuring that the patient is well-supported throughout their weight loss journey. Some centers even offer remote support once the patient is back home, bridging the gap between countries.



A Chance for Recovery Vacation

One of the unique perks of undergoing surgery in Tijuana, Baja California is the chance to recover in a culturally-rich and vibrant environment. Located just across the border, Tijuana offers a blend of Mexican culture with modern amenities. Additionally, Tijuana’s bustling city life, with its street art, delicious cuisine, and local markets, provides an exciting backdrop. Patients can immerse themselves in the local culture, aiding in their recuperation, both physically and mentally.




While the decision to undergo bariatric surgery is deeply personal and should be made after thorough research and consultation with medical professionals, Dr. Luis Pasten is offering free consultation.

It’s clear that Mexico offers a compelling alternative to the US. With its blend of cost-effectiveness, experienced professionals, advanced facilities, and beautiful recovery locales, Mexico solidifies its position as a top choice for those considering weight loss surgery.


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