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Difference between gastric bypass and gastric sleeve in 2023

January 18, 2023

Difference between gastric bypass and gastric sleeve

What is gastric bypass?

Gastric bypass is a weight loss operation in which the stomach is reduced to a small tube connected directly to the lower intestine. This makes eating too much food impossible, and also causes less absorption of calories and nutrients.


What is the gastric sleeve?

The gastric sleeve is a very popular weight loss operation. It is done to reduce the size of the stomach and therefore helps the person feel full on less food. This is accomplished by creating a small pouch in the stomach using a device called a gastric sleeve. Gastric sleeve is a more reversible option than gastric bypass and has fewer side effects.


What is the difference between the bypass and the sleeve?

The main difference between gastric bypass and gastric sleeve is the size of the opening created in the stomach. In gastric bypass, a small bag with a volume of approximately 30 ml is created. Gastric sleeve, on the other hand, is a more complex procedure in which a portion of the stomach is removed to reduce it to a smaller volume.


What are the advantages of each?

There are several key differences between the gastric bypass and the gastric sleeve. First of all, gastric bypass is a more invasive operation that involves replacing part of the stomach while leaving a small pouch connected to the intestines. On the other hand, gastric sleeve is a less invasive procedure in which a small stomach pouch is created using a silicone ring to reduce the size of the stomach. Regarding the advantages of each, gastric bypass is usually more effective in the long term in terms of weight loss, since it limits the amount of food you can eat and reduces the absorption of nutrients. However, the gastric sleeve is generally a better option for those who do not want to undergo a procedure as invasive as gastric bypass.


Why would one option or another be recommended?

There are several reasons why one bariatric surgery option may be recommended over another.

For example, the size of a person’s stomach and how much it can be stretched will affect which surgery is right for them. The smaller the stomach, the less it can stretch and the less food they can eat at one time. In this case, a bypass might be recommended because it reduces the size of the stomach more than a sleeve.

Another factor that may influence the recommended surgery is whether or not the person has had prior abdominal surgery. If someone has had a previous abdominal operation, it may not be possible to perform a sleeve gastrectomy because there is not enough healthy tissue left to work with.

Age also influences when determining which is the best procedure. Typically, people 60 and older are at higher risk of surgical complications, so they are more likely to have a bypass rather than a sleeve.

  Ultimately, the decision as to which bariatric surgery is best for each patient depends on many factors and should be made by a team of experts who are familiar with the patient’s medical history and health status.



The main difference between gastric bypass and gastric sleeve is that gastric bypass is a more invasive operation that requires a cut in the stomach and gastric sleeve is a less invasive operation that involves the use of a band to reduce the size of the stomach. . Another factor to keep in mind is that the gastric bypass can be reversible, while the gastric sleeve is not.

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