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Gastric sleeve and weight gain: everything you need to know in 2022

November 22, 2022

Gastric sleeve and weight gain: everything you need to know

Gastric sleeve bariatric surgery has become the answer for obesity. Even so, there are cases in which there is weight regain and options have to be reconsidered.

Treating morbid obesity becomes a great challenge for doctors and patients themselves. It is not just about losing weight but also about maintaining said weight loss over time. The gastric sleeve is considered one of the most effective procedures for obesity and gives you better results than other previous medical treatments.

Although the gastric sleeve is considered a “Gold Standard” among bariatric surgeries, it is true that there are 20% of people for whom the procedure does not help them reduce excess weight as expected. They can even have a new weight gain at 3 or 4 years.

Why does the re-gain of weight occur?

Patients who are extremely obese usually have a BMI greater than 50, so their weight is so high that they will require a second surgical procedure in order to optimize their body weight. Therefore, those who wish to be candidates for gastric sleeve surgery must undergo a proper weight loss regimen prior to surgery so that the procedure can be highly successful.

The restrictive component is another reason why there may be weight gain after gastric sleeve surgery. The gastrectomy may not have been performed correctly and the person may have a reservoir greater than 200 cubic centimeters or even have a dilation of the gastrojejunal anatomy.

95% of gastric sleeves that dilate happen due to incorrect technique. Once dilatation is identified, a second gastric sleeve should be done with a 36Fr tube. In addition, there is a probability that the patient will develop a fistula, but for this it is recommended to make an invaginating suture that reduces the gastric volume.

Apart from the dilations, it is possible that the patient has weight stagnation without having problems with the tube. For these cases, malabsorptive techniques that are well tolerated with a low rate of complications must be performed. Mainly, weight regain is due to gastroduodenal anastomosis dilation, but it is always good to know all the other causes.

Gastric sleeve and weight gain: What happens during dilation?

Patients usually gain more weight 3-4 years after their gastric sleeve surgery. As previously stated, the reason is dilation of the gastrojejunal anatomy.

When this dilation occurs, food can pass more quickly to the jejunum, so the previously created restriction no longer exists and satiety takes much longer to arrive. It must be remembered that the objective of the gastric sleeve is to reduce the gastric space to generate a great weight loss because people feel full quickly after eating little.

By reducing the amount of food that is eaten, people can achieve better results since they reduce their weight considerably by limiting the amount of fat that goes to their body.

Tips to reduce weight gain after your Gastric Sleeve

  • Join a multidisciplinary team

During the previous process, during and after, we suggest you be accompanied by a multidisciplinary team to help you with the obstacles. You must be able to count on a nutritionist, a bariatric surgeon, psychiatrist or psychologist and also an endocrinologist or internal medicine doctor.

  • Know your eating behavior

In order to help you lose weight, you must first know yourself. For this, we suggest that you recognize how much you like to eat and the difference between hunger due to anxiety and habit and the true feeling of wanting to eat. Discuss your binge eating with your medical team and open up about all other behaviors. This will help create a comprehensive eating plan that will prevent weight gain after gastric sleeve surgery.

  • Don’t miss an appointment with the nutritionist!

It is necessary that you maintain direct contact with your nutritionist to avoid any type of relapse with poor nutrition. Ongoing communication with your nutritionist and psychologist can help you stick to your diet plan so you can meet your goals and continually see results.

  • Every pound counts

Whether you lost it before or after surgery, every pound counts. It is a great achievement to be able to lose weight whether through diet, exercise or surgery. Also, if you combine all of these, you will surely be able to avoid weight gain after surgery. Give yourself the credit you need without being embarrassed.

  • Get a regular medical checkup

Remember that obese people often have more problems than just being overweight. That is just the tip of the iceberg, so you should go to several consultations with specialists in order to avoid any type of problem after surgery. Make sure everything is okay and also to minimize possible complications before having the surgery. Keep in continuous contact with your doctor and thus you will avoid any future problems with the surgery.

  • Start an active life

Sedentary lifestyle is not good. After having bariatric surgery, you must start good habits and eliminate those that are not beneficial for your life. A sedentary lifestyle must be left behind and must be replaced by an active life where you exercise periodically and burn the fat that you eat.

Options Available to Eliminate Weight Gain Post – Gastric Sleeve

The first option you have when you gain weight after gastric sleeve surgery is to perform a second surgery to repair the damage. This surgery consists of placing a ring that limits the distention capacity that has been created by dilation. Thanks to this, patients experience satiety again and can return to their normal diet along with weight loss.

Another way is to perform a gastric sleeve revision and correction surgery to ensure that everything has been done correctly and correct what has been complicated.

Many patients usually obtain very good and long-lasting results after this type of corrective surgery. Are you ready to have your Gastric Sleeve surgery?

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