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Author: Dr. Luis Pasten
Date: January 16, 2023

Gastric Sleeve: How is the operation in 2023?

Gastric Sleeve: How is the operation in 2023?

What is the gastric sleeve?

Gastric sleeve is a weight loss operation in which the size of the stomach is reduced. This makes it harder to eat and digest large amounts of food, which in turn helps with weight loss. The gastric sleeve is a relatively new surgical procedure and less invasive than traditional weight loss operations such as gastric bypass.

What do I need to know about gastric sleeve?

Gastric sleeve is a weight loss operation in which a smaller stomach is created using a silicone bag. This operation is done via laparoscopy, which means that surgeons make small cuts in the abdomen and then insert special instruments through these cuts. The gastric sleeve reduces the size of the stomach and therefore also reduces the amount of food that the patient can consume. This leads to significant weight loss in the patient.

How is the operation?

Gastric sleeve is a minimally invasive surgical operation to treat obesity. During the operation, the stomach is reduced in size to limit the amount of food you can eat. A gastric band is also implanted to help control the passage of food into the small intestine.

How long will I be hospitalized after gastric sleeve?

After gastric sleeve, the hospital stay is one to three days. During this time, the surgeon will monitor the patient's progress and check for any potential complications.


Gastric sleeve is a safe and effective operation to treat obesity. However, it is important that patients understand all the risks and complications before undergoing surgery. After the operation, it is necessary to follow a strict regime of diet and exercise to avoid weight rebound. In the long term, the gastric sleeve can help improve health and reduce the risk of obesity-related diseases.

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