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Gastric Sleeve the today of the future of weight loss 2021

December 28, 2020

Gastric Sleeve: The Today of the Future of Weight Loss 2021

Health is an important issue that has been gaining more relevance during the current world situation. Taking care of your body, your diet and your habits is the key to having a full life where you enjoy your free time with your loved ones.

Taking care of your physique has become one of the priorities and currently, there are many ways to achieve that ideal weight that you want so much. The gastric sleeve is one of the most popular surgical procedures today and during the last decade, several patients have preferred it over other options.

Gastric sleeve benefits exceed the results obtained by other surgical procedures such as gastric plication or gastric balloon, which give results equal to those obtained with more aggressive procedures such as gastric bypass.


Gastric Sleeve Procedure is a simple weight loss surgery that involves the removal of a part of the stomach. Approximately 70% of the stomach would be being removed but without requiring any diversion or reconnection with the intestine or the stomach. The fact that there is no reconnection process makes the surgery one of the simplest if we compare gastric sleeve vs gastric bypass.

Gastric sleeve is one of the surgeries with the least complications. The risks are quite low and unlikely, but the results are as expected and there are times when expectations are exceeded.

During Gastric Sleeve surgery, the surgeon will remove the left portion of the stomach. As it is the left side and not the right, it is avoided having to do some kind of reconnection. The part of the stomach that is separated is cut and sealed through stapling and sutures, which gives it a special reinforcement that avoids the risk of complications.

The surgery time can vary depending on the patients and the adipose tissue they have. In addition, the experience of the surgeon plays an important role in this matter considering which doctor treats you. Normally, the procedure usually lasts between one or two hours at most.

Who is eligible for Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

If you are already convinced that the Gastric Sleeve is one of your options to start losing weight and obtain the physique you want so much, it is time for you to know who is eligible for this weight loss surgery.

One of the most important factors is the Body Mass Index. If your BMI is above 30 you are eligible for gastric sleeve surgery, despite this, a thorough evaluation of your specific situation will be necessary.

If you are a patient who has struggled with obesity for many years and have a disease related to it, this surgery is a good idea since it will help you improve your physique and feel better about your body.

The best time to decide to change your life and have this surgery is before serious obesity-related diseases reach your body. It has been shown that several patients who undergo these types of bariatric procedures improve not only their body and their diet but also their psychological state and the perception they have about themselves.

Here you can fill out the medical questionnaire to see if you qualify:

Medical Questionnaire


The reason why gastric sleeve surgery has a high success rate is because of the portion of the stomach that is removed. This portion that is removed is the most important in the production of the hormone responsible for appetite (Ghrelin Hormone). By eliminating a large portion responsible for the production of this hormone, patients can enjoy a healthy diet where their desire to eat is normal and not excessive that they felt before.

The food that is consumed after applying the gastric sleeve, is eaten without sacrifices and with a feeling of fullness and enjoyment since your body knows that it is eating exactly what it needs.


One of the biggest advantages is that the Gastric Sleeve does not require maintenance. Compared to other weight-loss surgeries. There is no need to perform periodic medical tests to check the body’s values ​​since the gastric sleeve avoids the malabsorption of nutrients.

  • The gastric sleeve is a less invasive procedure, so you avoid the risks of morbidity. The risk rate is practically nil.
  • No foreign bodies are inserted into the body. The gastric sleeve avoids the placement of a foreign device within the body since rather it removes a portion of the patient’s stomach.
  • There is no Dumping Syndrome. You will not feel any type of emptiness in your stomach after doing the gastric sleeve since there is no type of reconnection between the intestine or with the stomach. This makes weight loss surgery much more reliable.
  • Increased feeling of fullness and satisfaction with eating small portions of food.
  • You can eat any food you want. The only thing that varies is the amount you consume.
  • Although you are eating less and have a slight appetite, the weight loss will be gradual and noticeable, but you will reach your ideal weight and there you will stay.
  • Your skin can adapt. Since surgical weight loss is gradual, your skin will have time to get used to the constant pattern of loss, so you won’t have excessive excesses or giant stretch marks.
  • Without preoperative. If you decide to have a gastric sleeve, you will not have the need to make yourself uncomfortable preoperative intestinal or colon cleansing.

As with any other surgical procedure, results may vary from patient to patient. The commitment and responsibility of each person are crucial to see good results. Even though the gastric sleeve does not require major maintenance, it never hurts to continue taking care of your body and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. On average, per patient, a 70% loss of excess weight is expected in at least 18 months or less.


If you have any questions about the procedure we are connected, ask us in real time.

Today Marco tells us how his life has change since he decided to get the #gastricsleeve in October 2019🥳

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