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Why it is important to have a nutritionist after gastric sleeve 2021

January 11, 2021

Why it is important to have a nutritionist after gastric sleeve

Gastric Sleeve surgery is a safe procedure that carries very few risks within the health of patients. It is fully proven to have a high success rate. Its objective is to make the stomach of the patient smaller which means that the food intake will be less and the feeling of fullness will last longer.

Excess appetite will be eliminated thanks to this procedure and it will be very easy for those who undergo this procedure to return later to their normal life. What is quite important is that the patient always takes into account the psychological preparation prior to the operation and then take the necessary care.

In this way, an adequate diet before and after surgery is extremely necessary for the surgical intervention to be successful and you can return without any problem to your normal tasks. As with any other operation, a good surgeon must perform the procedure and provide you with all the necessary support.

Nutritionist after gastric sleeve

What is important is that the patient makes the necessary commitment so that everything can continue to be well. The success of the surgery depends on the responsibility that the patient assumes, his common sense when feeding and his recovery process in general.

Know a little about the Gastric Sleeve

Gastric sleeve surgery is an irreversible surgical procedure that is used mainly in patients with morbid obesity. This surgery consists of removing approximately 85% of the stomach, leaving a new stomach in the shape of a tube or sleeve.

One of the advantages of this treatment against obesity is that it can be performed by laparoscopic technique, through small incisions, in this way the patient recovers in a short time and can return to their normal routine of activities.

Now, modifying nutrition habits and lifestyle can get complicated when you are used to a life where you could eat whatever you wanted. Furthermore, if it were that simple, global obesity rates would be lower worldwide. For your peace of mind, bariatric surgeons and nutritionists are here to help.

New nutrition habits

The patient will hardly persevere in new nutrition and lifestyle if he does not know why he should do it. Until you understand the relationship between your diet and your health, you are not aware of the relevance of that topic.

It is no secret to anyone that obesity, in most cases, develops from an eating disorder. One of the aspects that generates the greatest resistance is the idea that certain products can no longer be ingested.

However, it is appropriate to clarify that, sometime after bariatric surgery, no food will be permanently prohibited. What is asked is patience, in order to give the stomach the opportunity to heal and you, the possibility to adapt to this new nutrition and lifestyle.

Do the sport of your choice, for example; swimming is a very flattering workout for the bariatric patient. You can take daily walks in the open air, ride a bicycle, in short, exercise your body so that you lose weight and gain muscle mass.

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