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Author: Dr. Luis Pasten
Date: September 12, 2023

Single Incision Port Gastric Sleeve: A Revolution in Bariatric Surgery

Single Incision Port Gastric Sleeve: A Revolution in Bariatric Surgery

In recent years, bariatric surgery has been on the rise as a significant solution for patients battling obesity and the myriad health issues that accompany it. Among the popular techniques, the gastric sleeve (or sleeve gastrectomy) is a standout. But technological advancements don't stop, and now we're witnessing another evolutionary leap in this domain: the Single Incision Port Gastric Sleeve (SIPGS). Here, we'll delve into what this procedure entails and how it's revolutionizing the bariatric surgery landscape.


Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery

Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery

What is Single Incision Port Gastric Sleeve?

In essence, SIPGS is a less invasive version of the traditional sleeve gastrectomy. Instead of making four or five small incisions in the abdomen, surgeons perform the procedure through one single incision, usually located inside the belly button. This means less scarring, a quicker recovery, and fewer post-surgery complications for the patient.

Key Benefits of SIPGS

Minimal Scarring: One of the significant advantages is the cosmetic benefit. With only one incision hidden within the navel, patients are left with virtually no visible scars post-surgery.

Reduced Pain and Discomfort: Fewer incisions generally equate to less pain post-operation. This can result in a reduced need for painkillers and a more comfortable recovery process.

Quicker Recovery: With less trauma to the body, patients can generally expect a faster return to regular activities compared to traditional methods.

Fewer Complications: Every surgical incision has a potential for complications, like infections or hernias. By minimizing the number of incisions, we're also minimizing potential complications.



How is SIPGS Performed?

Using advanced laparoscopic tools, surgeons access the stomach via the single incision at the navel. From here, around 75-80% of the stomach is removed, leaving a thin, banana-shaped portion that becomes the new, smaller stomach. This limits the amount of food a person can eat, thus aiding in weight loss.

Are All Patients Suitable for SIPGS?

While the benefits of SIPGS are undeniable, it's not for everyone. Patient anatomy, the surgeon's experience, and previous surgeries can influence eligibility. It's essential to have a comprehensive consultation with a bariatric surgeon to understand the best approach for individual needs. At Overweight Reduction Center we provide free consultation if you want to get more information about this procedure.

The Future of Bariatric Surgery

The development and adoption of procedures like SIPGS signify the medical community's commitment to making surgeries safer, less invasive, and more efficient. As technology progresses and surgeons become more adept, it's likely we'll continue to see even more advancements in this field.


In Conclusion

The Single Incision Port Gastric Sleeve is a promising advancement in the realm of bariatric surgery. For those considering a gastric sleeve, it presents an appealing option with its benefits of reduced scarring and quicker recovery. As always, open dialogue with healthcare professionals is crucial to ensure that the chosen surgical approach aligns with individual health needs and goals. The future of bariatric surgery is bright, with SIPGS shining as a beacon of its potential.

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